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Have you ever wondered why you run a customer survey? Does it make any difference or is it something you just “have to do”? I think we've all been there. It can be time-consuming and costly, not to mention what you actually do with the results...

Just think how great it would be if you could run a survey that is directly connected to the aims you have for your business, aims such as:

- improve productivity, be more competitive, address new markets and/or new customers, etc -

and the results immediately show you what you are doing well and where you could do better.

It sounds so simple that you would think this is how all online surveys work now - not so. It's left to you to wade through the statistics and graphs to try to figure out the way forward.

We have the solution. It's taken several years of development and testing for our dream to become a reality and now we would like to share it with you.

Pragmatic QA was set up in 2012 offering consultancy, advice, guidance and training services on top standards of quality assurance. Managing Director of Pragmatic QA, David Corrigan says “The idea for PragmaticSurvey came to me at a meeting where a manager said they had run a satisfaction survey and could report a satisfaction rating of 55%.

When I asked if that had achieved their business aims the manager said ‘Err, I think so, but I don’t know...’

That is no way to make sound business decisions, and so the process began of designing an online client survey product that forms an integral part of business planning and where survey results are automatically analyzed against success criteria set in advance by you. We believe that is the way ahead for forward-thinking businesses.

Redefine your surveys to make sound business decisions

The important question is what does this mean for you? In PragmaticSurvey you have a clear and simple structure for your survey, either pre-designed or one you design yourself. There’s a full range of question types, but the satisfaction question will help your business most.

For these you are asked to set success criteria. PragmaticSurvey automatically analyzes responses against the success criteria, and produces a clear report showing straightaway whether your aims are likely to succeed and where efforts need to be targeted to make improvements.

Rocket science – an ion engine

Pragmatic QA Philosophy

David started out as a “rocket scientist” and, in a varied career went on to work across the commercial, voluntary and public sectors, delivering cultural change and process improvement through the development of management systems and appropriate tools and techniques.

He believes that fundamental to the success of any business is customer engagement. The first ISO Quality Principle is “Customer Focus”

(http://www.iso.org/iso/pub100080.pdf) where they say:

“Link the organization’s objectives to customer needs and expectations”

At Pragmatic QA we believe quality assurance starts with philosophical questions (“Why are we here, why do we do what we do?” ) through psychology (“How do we get people thinking and working effectively?”) to nuts and bolts (“Have I really fulfilled all customer needs?” ).

And this can be achieved really well by putting in place a simple system based on Lean and quality principles that puts the customer in the driving seat.

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