PragmaticSurvey lets you create online surveys in 4 simple steps, based on good
business practice, giving you confidence to make great business decisions:
Making sense of client feedback data just got much easier

Our unique and simple structure is based on good business practice – fitting your business strategy and your online feedback surveys together.

And that’s PragmaticSurvey – no more wondering if client feedback makes sense for your business.

Turn client feedback into competitive advantage. Try before you buy – no commitment until you’re sure.

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Asking the important questions

The important question-type in PragmaticSurvey is the satisfaction-type question. This is where you get as close as possible to having a conversation with a client.

And it’s where clients can give you a graded response that connects them to you.

You set ‘success criteria’ for satisfaction questions – for example, you might say that you need a 70% positive response to a question before you feel that your aim will be achieved.

PragmaticSurvey automatically compares success criteria (‘Target positive responses’) to actual responses and tells you whether your aim is likely to succeed or not.

This can prove invaluable when you are trying to make the best workable business decisions.

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Take the effort out of it – using survey templates

If you would like to jump straight in, we have supplied the most common types of online surveys as pre-designed templates.

Once you have signed up for a free account - with no commitments on your part and 100 free responses to get started - you just click on the template survey you want and it will be loaded into your survey list, ready to go.

Total flexibility is yours – once you load a template into your survey list, you are free to amend it in any way, or simply run the survey.

More about template surveys
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